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Chipotle Is Testing Quinoa As New Menu Addition

Vegan Options at Chipotle

According to Chipotle Spokesperson Chris Arnold, the Chipotle test kitchen in New York City is working on a new menu item, quinoa “red and gold quinoa tossed with a little citrus juice, cumin, and freshly chopped cilantro,” which they plan to recommend as a substitute for rice, and as an add-on for salads. “This may […]

Eating Vegan at TooJay’s Deli

TooJay’s is a Gourmet Deli in the state of Florida, and now that we’re getting a new one in Pembroke Pines, FL (Opening at the End of March 2018, according to their corporate office) I looked up what we as vegans can eat there. I wasn’t expecting to find over 20 items, not counting sides! […]

BBQ Like a Vegan

Vegan BBQ Barbacoa Vegana

Sometimes I find that my fellow vegans are not sure what to grill, or how to grill it. And because of that, they tend to stay away from throwing a rocking vegan barbecue. I am here to help you become an expert at grilling yummy vegetable. We can’t have that grill intimidate you… veggies taste […]

Chunky Tomato Sauce

Chunky Tomato Sauce/Salsa de Tomate de la Abuela

This chunky tomato sauce is so versatile that you can use it for pasta, pizza, vegetables, or even a chili recipe. It’s basic and while most basic things can be thought of as boring, this sauce is anything but boring, it has a ton of flavor.  With that said, I make a lot of it, […]

Tuna-Chick Salad

I loved tuna, it was the last thing I gave up before becoming vegan.  I liked it on everything, from sandwiches, to salads, crackers, on top of baked potatoes, and even with rice! Oh my, I really loved it with rice. I have tried so many of the imitation vegan tunas, and I haven’t liked […]